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Because of the pipe gasket aging Pingliang ammonia leak

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Late on March 29th, Pingliang City twenty Li Pu Industrial Park occurred in ammonia leakage accident, the preferred cattle industry company cold storage ammonia pipeline because of aging caused by leakage of flange gasket. After the Pingliang fire department 3 hours of emergency treatment, the danger.

The 29 day at nineteen thirty-two, Pingliang city police fire brigade command center received the alarm, immediately dispatched 6 fire engines, 24 officers and soldiers who rushed to the scene. Fire officers and soldiers arrived at the scene, saw a lot of white fog spread from the rupture of the catheter to around, concentration and big, pungent, harsh smell though, the situation is very critical. Fire officers and soldiers quickly evacuated surrounding the staff more than 100 people, and set up a cordon to prohibit access to.

Fire officers and soldiers with heavy anti chemical clothes to wear air respirator, into the leak area, soon found the ammonia storage tank near total control valve, and the valve shut off the material. Other personnel in the spray gun under the cover of pipeline gas in the implementation of emptying. Because the ammonia pipeline pressure is too large, and the pipe flange gasket aging process in the implementation of emptying, ammonia leakage occurred injection. After the fire officers and soldiers continued dilution, twenty-one ten, gas in the pipeline was completely emptying. Twenty-two fifty, on-site ammonia concentration below 5%, the danger.

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