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Our products continuously upgrade the level of sealing material

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Aiming at the high speed, high voltage, wide temperature range under the condition of sealing requirements, scientific research institutions in China and actively carry out research on related materials and products, now has formed a series of products structure, solves the problem of hydraulic, pneumatic sealing technology in urgent need of the industry, product improvement.

It is reported, high performance sealing materials and products developed by China, has been widely used in aerospace, aviation, weapons, ships, civil machinery industry and other fields, in a sealed, special vehicle driving system of ordnance industry the antifriction sleeve, high pressure, high temperature gas sealing plug application has also been, promotion get the reciprocating seal and radiation resistant sealing material is still special ship.

Our static sealing materials and products have reached a very high level of. Static seal is to rely on the combination between the gap closed surface to achieve sealing effect, according to the different medium, different working temperature, different sealing application environment and selection. Static seal seal products including different sizes (O - ring, Y - ring, V - ring and other kinds of sealing pad, the sealing ring targets etc.), mainly used for various plane static seal, end angle guiding groove seal, cylindrical surface static seal, dust seal, window frames, door vehicle sealing etc., has provided a high performance sealing products for a variety of new special equipment, aerospace technology, civilian vehicles etc..

Rubber products a wide range of temperature adaptation. The wide temperature range special silicone rubber varieties have high temperature resistant, ablation resistant type, high strength, super low temperature type, and has the ability of further development, can provide all kinds of type O, shaped sealing ring, gasket and other sealing products; special nitrile butadiene rubber with oil, Nai Gaodi temperature, high strength, high elasticity excellent performance, the materials technology is mature, stable process, resistant to most hydraulic oil, mechanical oil, lubricating oil, wide applicable temperature range, is generally -50 to 130 DEG C, short time resistant to the high temperature of 150 DEG C, and can be used for manufacturing works in various kinds of oil in the fixed or movable seal, valve parts and all kinds of washer, gasket, sealing strip. Can provide a variety of products, and provide the products installed life prediction technology; small seals made of special fluorine silicone rubber materials and products, with air medium oil steam in long-term working temperature of -55 to 200 DEG C in the fuel and, short-term working temperature of 250 DEG C, the naphthyl fuel, mineral oil, double gear lubrication oil medium to meet the -55 to 150 DEG, 165 DEG C long-term work of short-term work requirement of use.

High speed rotating seal products is the use of fluid dynamic seal fluid mechanics design. The structure makes the sealing and lubrication to the unity, lower lip working temperature and friction wear, life is doubled than the similar products. The hydrodynamic oil seal made of fluorine rubber of low friction formula not only adapt to higher line speeds and the use of harsh conditions, but also can reduce the processing requirements of the axis, can adapt to the eccentricity 0.25mm or greater, than the average of the oil seal life is greatly prolonged, at present has been through the line speed of 20 ~ 25m/s, 0.01 ~ 0.05MPa pressure, the working temperature of -40 to 180 DEG C, 800H bench test. With the product and performance evaluation, assessment and other service gb.

High pressure reciprocating seal products is a kind of high pressure resistance, wear resistance, low friction composite seal system. The working medium pressure is increased, the sealing pressure will also increase, so as to ensure reliable sealing under high pressure. High temperature, high pressure gas sealing materials and products, airtight pad as the key parts of special equipment have made considerable progress, overcomes the disadvantages of the existing air cushion, which can ensure the special equipment in various special conditions gastightness pad obturation reliability, strong adaptability, convenient operation, good interchangeability. Application of anti corrosive gasket sealing materials are many kinds of special device.

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