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Guangzhou Machinery Institute of fill our country large-scale high-precision seal gap

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Recently, Guangdong provincial Party committee, the provincial government held a Guangdong Province Science and Technology Awards Conference and the province's science and Technology Innovation Conference in Guangzhou. According to the "provisions of Guangdong Province Science and technology incentives", by the provincial science and technology award evaluation committee review, the provincial science and Technology Department audit, approved by the provincial government awarded Guangzhou Mechanical Institute and its subsidiaries jointly complete the "high performance sealed rubber research and application of" key technological achievements won the two prize of science and technology of Guangdong province.

Matching requirements mainly for large-scale hydropower generating units, large fully mechanized coal mining equipment, major metallurgical equipment and other key projects and major equipment, to carry out technology research and development and achievement transformation. For example: through the application of finite element analysis and the elastic compensation principle, innovation design and reliability evaluation method for seal structure, obtained by the traditional experience design and analogy design to digital design breakthrough. Adopts dieless turning new technology, the manufacture of large high precision sealing products, development of the world's largest integral rubber sealing products (diameter 3.29M), fill our country large high precision sealing blank parts manufacturing aspects, break foreign monopoly. Finally in the seal structure optimization and elastic compensation design, large no results achieved a series of innovative mode turning, constant low friction and high temperature of large PTFE combined sealing part machining etc..

This results in the formation of a series of independent intellectual property rights of new products, after years of use, the service life of up to international advanced level, to provide sealing technology complete solutions for China's major equipment, breaking the monopoly of foreign companies; provide a strong support for the development and operation of China's major equipment, social and economic benefits significantly.

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