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Reinforced graphite sheet

Graphite composite panels

KD-SM1004 graphite composite panels, also known as high-strength graphite reinforced graphite sheet or plate is made of metal teeth sprint plate or metal plate or sheet metal flat and pure graphite composite roll made of a sealing material. Graphite composite plate inner reinforcing materials commonly used in ss304, ss316L or tinplate thickness 0.05 ~ 0.2mm, generally in the form of composite reinforced sprint plate, stencil composite reinforced, flat composite reinforced several. It has a thermal stability, high strength and no cold flow characteristics, can be made into a variety of complex geometric shapes round and gaskets such as water gauge gasket, head gasket, exhaust pipe gaskets with ribs exchanger gasket is widely used.

Features: It has good corrosion resistance, high / low temperature, radiation-resistant, good compression resilient and high strength required preload than metal gaskets and spiral wound gasket is smaller flange less demanding side, is a more cost-effective sealing material.

Use the media: acids, bases, steam, solvents and oil and so on.

Application: sealing parts of pipes, valves, pumps, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, condensers, generators, air compressors, exhaust pipes, refrigerator and other flange can replace asbestos and non-asbestos rubber seal materials.

Common specifications: 1500mm * 1500mm, 1000mm * 1000mm thickness 0.8mm-5.0mm, may require special specifications.

Technical standards:

Can provide any standard and non-standard sizes, including ASME, DIN, JIS, GB and other standards. Available round, square and other profiled shapes, sizes and provide customized products according to need.

Domestic standards:

GB / T 19675.1-2005 | pipe flanges with metal punch tooth plate of flexible graphite gaskets size GB / T 19675.2-2005 | pipe flanges with metal punch tooth plate of flexible graphite gaskets technical conditions JB / T 6628-1993 | Flexible graphite composite reinforced (board) pad

JB / T 6628-2008 | flexible graphite composite reinforced (board) pad

HG 20608-1997 | steel pipe flanges with flexible graphite gaskets (European system) HG 20629-1997 | steel pipe flanges with flexible graphite gaskets (American System)

Increasing material Pressure
Temperature℃ Compression ratio(%) Rebound Rate(%)
Non-oxidized state Oxidized state
ST Carbon dash board ≥4.8 -10-450 -10-550 30-35 15-20
SS304,SS316 Sprints board ≥4.8 -240-450 -200-600 30-35 15-30
SS304,SS316 Flat panel ≥4.8 -240-450 -200-600 30-40 10-15
Ss304, Stencil board ≥4.8 -240-450 -200-600 40-50 15-20

Increasing material Breathability (cm3/min)
(Thickness 1.5mm\)
(Thickness 1.5mm)
Seal constant
N2 m1/hr Bumming oil A
preload pressure ratio
ST Carbon dash board <=0.8 30 <0.5 3.0 9000
SS304,SS316 Sprints board <=0.8 60 <0.5 2.5 4000
SS304,SS316 Flat panel <=0.4 35 <0.5 2.0 900
Ss304, Stencil board ≥1.0 70 <0.5 3.0 5000

Density Tolerance Carbon contentC≥% Tensile strength Sulfur content Chlorine content Stress relaxation rate Loss on Ignition
Industrial ±0.06g/cm 98 4 Mpa <1000ppm <50ppm 10% 2.0≤%
Nuclear ±0.05 g/cm 99.5 5 Mpa <700ppm <35ppm 10% 0.5≤%

Gasket factor
Pressure ≤10MPa
Temperature -196℃-650℃
The minimum preload pressure ratio y=30MPa
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