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Reinforced graphite gaskets


Graphite gaskets (KD-SG1008)

Graphite gaskets also known as enhanced or high-strength graphite gasket graphite gasket is a gasket by sprint metal tooth plate or metal plate and expanded graphite composite particles repression. It is usually from reinforced graphite sheet formed by stamping or cutting the gasket specialized cutting equipment. Reinforced graphite gasket inner reinforcing materials commonly used in ss304, ss316 or tinplate thickness 0.05 ~ 0.2mm, in the form of enhanced sprint board composite gasket, stencil reinforced composite gaskets, flat-reinforced composite gasket. Graphite gaskets can be made into a variety of complex geometric shapes round and gaskets such as water gauge gasket, head gasket, exhaust pipe gaskets, heat exchanger gaskets with ribs and other applications very extensive.

High-strength graphite gaskets as needed can be made with stainless steel edging graphite composite gaskets in several forms as follows:

1. Basic graphite gaskets

Edge graphite gaskets

2. Package

3. package outside graphite gaskets

The inner and outer edge of graphite gaskets

Graphite gaskets used wrapping material 304 or 316L stainless steel.

Features: It has good corrosion resistance, high / low temperature, radiation-resistant, good compression resilient and high strength required preload than metal gaskets and spiral wound gasket is smaller flange less demanding side, is a more economical and practical gasket. If the form of edging to maintain the excellent performance of the original graphite gaskets, and easy installation and removal, easy to damage, but also prevent the media and the oxygen in the air outside of the gasket erosion, improved temperature and pressure performance.

Equipment: sealing parts of pipes, valves, pumps, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, condensers, generators, air compressors, exhaust pipes, refrigerator and other flange can replace asbestos rubber gasket, ironclad pad tablets. Graphite gaskets Max size limit, special specifications or various non-standard products according to customer requirements to develop.

※ customers to choose different materials depending on the use of enhanced working conditions, there are special materials may be required.

Graphite gaskets technical standards:

Can provide any standard and non-standard sizes, including ASME, DIN, JIS, GB and other standards. Available round, square and other profiled shape, and provide reinforced bar and the inner and outer edges shaped corrugated metal gaskets as needed.

Domestic standards:

GB / T 19675.1-2005 | pipe flanges with metal punch tooth plate of flexible graphite gaskets size GB / T 19675.2-2005 | pipe flanges with metal punch tooth plate of flexible graphite gaskets technical conditions JB / T 6628-1993 | Flexible graphite composite reinforced (board) pad

JB / T 6628-2008 | flexible graphite composite reinforced (board) pad

HG 20608-1997 | steel pipe flanges with flexible graphite gaskets (European system) HG 20629-1997 | steel pipe flanges with flexible graphite gaskets (American System)

Increasing material Pressure

Compression ratio


Rebound Rate(%)
Non-oxidized state Oxidized state
ST Carbon Sprints board ≥4.8 -10-450 -10-550 30-35 15-20
SS304,SS316 Sprints board ≥4.8 -240-450 -200-600 30-35 15-30
SS304,SS316 Flat panel ≥4.8 -240-450 -200-600 30-40 10-15
Ss304, Stencil bord ≥4.8 -240-450 -200-600 40-50 15-20

Reinforcements Breathability (cm3/min)
(Thickness 1.5mm\)
(Thickness 1.5mm)
Seal constant
N2 m1/hr Bumming oil A 
preload pressure ratio
ST Carbon Sprints board <=0.8 30 <0.5 3.0 9000
SS304,SS316 Sprints board <=0.8 60 <0.5 2.5 4000
SS304,SS316 Flat panel <=0.4 35 <0.5 2.0 900
Ss304, Stencil bord ≥1.0 70 <0.5 3.0 5000


Density Tolerance Carbon contentC≥% Tensile strength Sulfur content Chlorine content Stress relaxation rate Loss on Ignition
Industrial ±0.06g/cm 98 4 Mpa <1000ppm <50ppm 10% 2.0≤%
Nuclear ±0.05 g/cm 99.5 5 Mpa <700ppm <35ppm 10% 0.5≤%


Gasket factor 
Use a pressure washer ≤10MPa
Temperature Gasket -196℃-650℃
The minimum preload pressure ratio y=30MPa


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