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KD-SF1007 pure PTFE gasket full name, also known as PTFE gasket PTFE gasket abroad or Teflon (PTFE, Teflon) gasket made of Teflon rods, tubes, plates or cut by mechanical turning made of flat gaskets, V-shaped gaskets, piston rings, ball washers, etc. can also be used at high temperature vulcanizing mold pressing into molded PTFE gasket. Tetrafluoroethylene should have excellent corrosion resistance, aging resistance, insulation resistance, cleanliness, good properties it is widely used in many fields of chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, food, etc., is called "the king of plastic." PTFE has strong corrosion resistance, very few elements of alkali metals and high temperature molten state only, and elemental fluorine under high pressure, such as fishes it works. Tetrafluoroethylene does not absorb water, without oxygen, ultraviolet radiation weather is good, outdoor exposure in three years, the tensile strength remained almost unchanged, only the elongation decreased. Because of tetrafluoroethylene under pressure and high temperature prone to cold flow and creep phenomenon makes him ideally suited for low temperature or at low temperature corrosion or contamination of the sealing parts are not allowed. Tetrafluoroethylene between -100 ℃ ~ 100 ℃ can have good mechanical strength can be processed into different shapes PTFE products can also be used in combination with other materials such as made of tetrafluoroethylene-coated gaskets, spiral wound gasket, or as a metal gasket paste layer, such as a combination of a metal tooth pads and corrugated metal gaskets Note: PTFE gasket at temperatures below -185 ℃ will become brittle and will creep higher pyrolysis at 200 ℃, so does not apply to high temperature. PTFE gasket low thermal conductivity and coefficient of linear expansion will occur under a large load of cold flow phenomenon, should this proposal in the convex surface temperature and low pressure, the whole plane and tank flange parts used to better effect if it has a waterline . Adding different fillers such as glass fiber, graphite, molybdenum disulfide, bronze powder can improve the performance of the reference modified PTFE gasket PTFE gasket in order to meet customers' need for high-quality PTFE gasket we introduce some foreign foreign Excellent performance of the famous brand expanded PTFE gasket material, such as Gore, Garlock, Valqua, TEMAC etc. refer Expanded PTFE gasket The company has GB2506-89, GB / T17727, HG / T20627, HG / T20606 standards whole series Pure PTFE gasket mold Welcome to the inquiry.


1. resistant to acid, alkali, resistant to almost all chemicals except media, molten alkali metals and elemental fluorine.

2. outstanding insulating properties and good weather resistance, aging resistance.

3. The low friction coefficient, easy adhesion, easy installation and removal

4. Clean the product can be used for food, medicine and other parts of the seal can not be polluted

5. high mechanical strength, with great difficulty turning performance processing into various seal products.

6. The low coefficient of linear expansion, creep or stress relaxation after compression prone to cold temperature, the site is not suitable for high temperature and pressure.

PTFE gasket using industry: chemical, petrochemical, oil refining, chlor-alkali, acid, fertilizer, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, chemical fiber, dyeing, coke, coal gas, organic synthesis, non-ferrous metallurgy, steel, atomic energy and high-purity products (such as ion membrane electrolysis), viscous material handling and operation, highly stringent hygiene requirements of the food and beverage processing sector.

Equipment: sealing parts of pipes, valves, pumps, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, condensers, generators, air compressors, exhaust pipes, refrigerator and other flange connection.

PTFE gasket technical standards:

Can provide any standard and non-standard sizes, including ASME, DIN, JIS, GB and other standards. Available round, square and other profiled shape, and provides bar reinforced PTFE gasket needed.

Domestic standards:

GB / T 9126-2008 | Non-metallic flat gaskets for pipe flanges Dimensions

GB / T 17727-08 | Marine flange dimensions with non-metallic gaskets

HG / T 20627-2009 | steel pipe flanges with a non-metallic flat gaskets (Class Series) HG / T 20606-2009 | steel pipe flanges with a non-metallic flat gaskets (PN series) QB / T 3626-1999 | PTFE Rod

QB / T 3625-1999 | PTFE sheet

HG2-234-76 polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) resin technology standards

QB / T 3624-1999 | Teflon tubing

JB / T 10688-2006 | PTFE gasket technical conditions

Name 单位 指标
Density ㎏/m3 2.10-2.30×103
Crystallinity %

Resin 93 to 97
Quenching products 50 to 65
Not quench products 63 to 85

Melting point 327
Heat distortion temperature 55
Vicat Softening Point 110
Thermal decomposition temperature >415
 Linear expansion coefficient (a direction perpendicular to the pressure) 1/℃  20~60℃  10.3×10-5 
20~100℃ 10.5×10-5
20~150℃ 11.4×10-5
20~200℃ 12.8×10-5
Thermal Conductivity W/m.K 0.256
Poisson's ratio(25℃)   0.40
Refractive rate % 1.37
Water absorption   <0.01
Water contact angle   114°-115°
Surface expansion force N/Cm 18.5×10-5
Permittivity (10H2) ≤1.8-2.2
Volume resistivity Ωm ≥1×1015
Surface resistivity Ω >1010
Arc resistance s ≥300
Tensile Strength MPa 27.6
Elongation at break % 238
Compression modulus MPa 280
Compressive strength 5% MPa 12.9
Impact strength (notched) KJ/m2 2.0
Flexural strength MPa 20.7
Flexural modulus MPa 700
Friction coefficient (load 2MPa) (time30mm) 0.11
Wear amount (ibid) mg 249
Wear scar width (ibid) mm 15.8


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